Mayor’s Message


Mayor’s Message                                                  August 1, 2017


          The list of benefits of living in a small city is endless.  In Cuba City, we are very fortunate to have great schools with teachers who really care about their students.  The elementary school, the high school, and St Rose grade school all have low student to teacher ratios. Our kids are our future and we are lucky to have such caring teachers.  Before we know it, the kids will be back in school with all the extra-curricular activities that go with it.  I am not sure where the summer went.


          We have great city employees who work diligently to keep the day to day operations of the city going.  Jill Hill does a great job as city clerk/treasure and we are so lucky to have her.  Becky Hill takes all of the phone calls and utility bill payments as well her duties on the light/water committee.  She is a dedicated employee who does a great job for the city.  Our director of Public Works George Morrissey does an excellent job taking care of our city.  His crew of Tom Longhenry, Tim Pickel, Roger Helbing, Cory Oyen, Al Loeffelholz, and Robert Hammill are so very important to how well our city looks. 


          Our Police Department is by far the best in the area.  Chief Terry Terpstra is doing a great job and his visibility within the city and the schools are so beneficial.  Sargent/Investigator Rick Lawrence and Officer Dayne Hammerly are dedicated officers who keep us safe as they keep crime out of our city.  We thank each of them for their time given to the city.


          Our library is the best.  Under the direction of Amber Majerus, many new opportunities have been opened up for all residents of Cuba City.  Cheryl Denman and all of the part time help do an excellent job in keeping the library a vibrant and fun place for everyone.


          Our Economic Development Direct Bob Jones is paving the ground for a very bright future for Cuba City.  We have seen more economic growth in Cuba City than some counties have had.  We thank him for doing an excellent job leading our city in Economic Development.


          Our Fire and Rescue departments are made up of individuals that volunteer their services.  The fire department under the direction of Fire Chief Marty Wilberding give many hours to training so in the event they are needed; they will be ready.  The volunteers that make up our Rescue Squad train long hours under the direction of Rita Luna and Steve Fry in the event they are called upon.  Please thank a firemen or a rescue squad member for giving of their time to serve the people of Cuba City.  Both departments are always looking for new members.


          Our City is run very efficiently thanks to the members of the Common Council.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to serve on the Council.  I want to thank Craig Hendrickson, Connie Gronemus, Greg Bockhop, Betty Loeffelholz, John Beinborn, John Van de Wiel, Greg Kern, and Dennis Risher for doing an excellent job representing their wards. 


          As I stated above, the list is endless for the benefits of living in a small community.  I have tried to hit on a small part of the list and could continue for a long time.  In Cuba City, if someone is hurt or in an accident, it affects everyone.  We are a family and want nothing but the best for our family.  Have a safe August!



























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