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Mayor’s Message                                  April 1, 2017


            I hope everyone is excited about Spring and can’t wait for warmer weather.  The winter of 2016-2017 has been very good if we could take December out of the equation.  The city is poised to keep things moving forward in 2017.  It will be hard to match everything we accomplished last year, but we will try to top 2016. 


            Our school referendums will be known after the Tuesday election.  Our schools are very much a big part of the city.  In our quest to move the City forward and grow, we need strong schools.  I hope everyone exercises their right to get out and vote.  You then can say I had a part in the decision.  Whether things turn out the way you voted or not, we are a close community and we will go forward the way the majority votes.


            Our two new businesses are working very hard to make the changes they need to do to open for business.  It takes a lot of money to update and make changes so it will fit your business.  We truly thank Ag-Tech and Blackbourn Components for their large investment in Cuba City.  We wish you the very best and will be here to assist you whenever needed.  Your commitment will have a huge impact on Cuba City for many years.


            As it is every spring, our Public Works Department is gearing up for our street reconstructions and black topping.  This department and George Morrissey put in many hours so the city can the most done and still stay within the budget.  It takes careful planning and great bids from the contractors quoting for the job for that to happen.  The City has been blessed with great bids the last few years and it looks like things will be great in 2017.


            Our revitalization of Main Street has us in the running for the top spot in the cities with populations of 5500 or fewer in Wisconsin.  The award will be awarded on Friday, April 7th, in Wisconsin Rapids.  I will update this article after the winner is announced.  I may be biased, but I think we have a great chance of winning this prestigious honor!  More Later!
























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