History of Troop 75/775

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1948 – Troop 75 was formed in the Grant District of the U. S. Grant Council. Their sponsor was the Cuba City Women’s Club.

1949 – The Cuba City Lion’s Club became Troop 75's sponsor.

1954 – All Districts in the U. S. Grant Council were changed and renamed. The Grant District became the Mound District of the U. S. Grant Council Troop 75 is now in the Mound District of the U. S. Grant Council.

1963 – Knights of Columbus became Troop 75’s sponsor.

1976 – All US Councils were changed and renamed. The U. S. Grant Council merged into the Blackhawk Area Council. All of the Districts in the newly formed Blackhawk Area Council were changed and renamed. The former Mound District comprising Grant County and part of Jo Daviess County became the U. S. Grant District. 

Troop 75 was renamed to Troop 775:

                        There already was a Troop 75 in the Blackhawk Area Council.

                        It was chartered before the US Grant Council's Troop 75 and got to retain their identity as Troop 75.

                        The US Grant Council Troop 75 added a 7 to their number and became Troop 775 to retain the prior US Grant                                   Council Troop 75 identity.

                       Troop 775 is a unit in the U. S. Grant District of the Blackhawk Area Council.

                       The Cuba City Lion’s Club became Troop 775’s sponsor.

1993 – In late 1993, a “Name the District” contest was held among all of the Boy Scouts in the proposed new district.  Garrett Stephens of Troop 775 submitted the winning entry, “Arrowhead”.

1994 – All Districts of Blackhawk Area Council were changed and renamed.

            The new Districts are:

                1) Arrowhead   – Grant, Lafayette, and Green counties in Wisconsin

                2) Wetassa       – Jo Daviess, Stephenson, and Carroll counties in Illinois

                3) White Eagle – Ogle, Lee, and Whiteside counties in Illinois

                4) Sycamore     – McHenry county in Illinois

                5) Wanchanagi – Winnebago and Boone counties in Illinois

            Troop 775 is now a unit in the Arrowhead District of the Blackhawk Area Council.

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