Community Profile

Cuba City, Wisconsin, population 2,086, is located in the southwest corner of Wisconsin. Cuba City provides a unique opportunity to serve the states of Iowa and Illinois, as well as Wisconsin.

The city-owned Kaster-McClain Industrial Park is ready for occupancy, with all utilities immediately available to the site(s) Available Properties August 2019, including City-owned land, are available for sale or lease.

A workforce of over 23,000 people is available within a 15-mile radius of the City. Add another 5 miles, and that number balloons to close to 90,000 people. A slight increase in population has been predicted for Cuba City and the region through 2030.

Tax Rates

Manufacturing machinery, equipment & inventories are EXEMPT in Wisconsin (before Lottery Credit)

  • Corporate Income (Wisconsin): 7.9% Flat
  • Sales (Wis.): 5.5%
  • 2016 Property: Grant County $22.01/$1,000; Lafayette County $25.04/$1,000



Natural Gas

  • Provided by: WE Energies
  • Line Size: Depends upon location, most often 2 inch plastic
  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure: Depends upon location, most often 60 PSIG
  • Available capacity: Depends on location, currently 10 MCFH from 2" distribution main
  • Nearest Transmission Line: Cuba City TBS (NNG delivery point) is approximately 4,700’ from the Industrial Park. NNG’s pipeline serving the Cuba City TBS is approximately 4,100’ from this location.
  • Rates: $.6564 per mmBTU with declining rate dependent upon usage. Click here for complete rate chart.
  • Connection fee(s): An estimate for the cost to extend natural gas service would require site and customer specific information including; location of site, location of the meter on the site, connected and normal operating gas loads, estimated daily and annual consumption.  To request a customer specific estimate, please see the attached natural gas cost estimate form which details the required inputs for 3 levels of estimate.  Please note the high-level estimate does not include potential gas supply costs and/or gate station work.


  • Provided by: Cuba City Municipal Utilities
  • Source: Three Deep Wells
  • Max. Pumping Capacity: 1.75 MG/D
  • Peak Daily Use: 0.74 MG/D
  • Storage Capacity: 400,000 gal.
  • Rates: Average $2.58/100 c.f. with declining rate dependent upon usage. Click here for the complete rate chart.
  • Connection fee(s): None

Sanitation and Sewer

  • Supplied by: Cuba City Municipal Utilities
  • System type: Oxidation Ditch
  • Maximum plant capacity: 760,000 G/D, Design BOD is 790 lbs/day
  • Average daily use: 150,000 G/D, Current BOD loading is 445 lbs/day
  • Rates: Click here for sewer rates.
  • Connection fee(s): $75.00 and $10 inspection fee




  • Nearest Interstate: I-90/94, Distance: 74 miles
  • Nearest 4 lane Highway: U.S. 151, Distance: 9 miles
  • U.S. Highways: 151, 61, 18, 20 & 52
  • State Highways: 80, 81 & 11

Air Service

Rail Service


  • Facilities available at Dubuque IA (20 miles)

Major Employers



Emergency Services

Hospitals / Clinics / In-Home Care

Fire Protection

Education/Employee Training

Demographics and Workforce

Demographic and Workforce information for Cuba City and the Southwest Wisconsin Region can be found on the Demographics and Workforce page.


Driving distance from Cuba City to:

Platteville, WI 10 miles 10 minutes
Dubuque, IA 20 miles 20 minutes
Madison, WI 80 miles 1 hour, 30 minutes
Davenport, IA / Moline, IL 100 miles 1 hour, 45 minutes
Milwaukee, WI 160 miles 2 hours, 40 minutes
Chicago, IL 170 miles 3 hours, 25 minutes
Des Moines, IA 220 miles 3 hours, 40 minutes
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 260 miles 4 hours, 40 minutes