Mayor’s Message

October 1, 2018                                 Mayor’s Message


October is here and with the fall season, the leaves are beginning to turn. This month as well as the entire year has seen a lot of rain. Farmers are trying to harvest the crops, but it is hard to do when Mother Nature does not cooperate. We wish all farmers a safe and productive harvest season.

            The street projects are all completed, and the city streets look great. Public works does a great job keeping our city looking great! They are now busy getting things winterized before it comes along with making sure all equipment is ready for the snow season. If all the moisture continues into winter, I think we will be getting a lot of snow. For those with snowmobiles, it will sure make them happy after the last few years of little snow.

            We currently have 3 new homes being built in Cuba City and a Townhouse that was completed earlier this year. I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ambs, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Johns, Mr.  & Mrs. Joshua Blahnik, and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Biba for investing in Cuba City with your new construction. We welcome you with open arms and want you to be a big part of the Cuba City family.

            Cuba City is a great place to live and raise a family. We have the best schools with Cuba City Public School system and Saint Rose Catholic Grade School. Our student to teacher ratios is among the lowest in the state. We have a friendly and well-kept city, and everyone takes great pride in their homes and property. We need more homes in the area so families wishing to move to Cuba City can find a place to live. Our Main Street has a big problem, we don’t have any space for businesses that would like to locate here. It is a problem so many communities would love to have. We continue to look for ways to find any available space.

            Haudenshield Funeral Home began construction on their funeral home just south of the city. We congratulate Rich and Jill and their families for undertaking such a large project. They hope to be completed in the spring of 2019.

            The fire department and Cuba City Are Rescue Squad are made up of all volunteers and need to be commended for the job they do. Being a member, you can be called upon at any hour of day. Cuba City is so lucky to have these great volunteers to help us in our hour of need. They spend countless hours in training and planning when a disaster might strike. Please thank any member when you see them on the street.

            In closing, I would like to thank the community in allowing me to serve as you Mayor. Please know that I am available always if you need to contact me. I truly enjoy serving as Mayor in such a city. Thank you and have a safe and happy October.









































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