Mayor’s Message

Mayor’s Message                                                                                                       June 2018


            As the school year ends I would like to thank all teachers of Cuba City School District and St Rose Catholic Grade School.  Your role in shaping the lives of our children is so important to the parents, grandparents, and all members of the community.  The dedication to your profession speaks volumes.  Let’s make it a safe summer for everyone and while driving pay extra attention for kids walking and on their bicycles. 


            As we have all seen already, summer time means road construction season.  The city is also going to be redoing some streets as well as paving several streets with the ultra-thin   blacktop we have used over the last three years.  The ultra-thin will be put down this month which will move our streets to best shape they have been in several years.  Thank you to DPW George Morrissey and the Public Works Department for their work in making Cuba City streets something we can all be proud of. 


            Business on Main Streets has been active, and we have three businesses looking for space on Main Street.  When I drive through other towns and cities that have empty store fronts everywhere, I realize how lucky we are to live in Cuba City.  The Business Park continues to grow as we have a new business locating in the park soon as well as two businesses planning major expansion soon.  All the great things that are happening in Cuba City would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of so many people. 


            The Presidential Museum is moving forward with fund raisers that will go on through the summer and fall.  The barometer has been put on the caboose showing what has been collected and what are goal is.  The committees have been working hard getting the ground floor bases covered.  A location for the museum has yet to be determined as the committee is weighing all the options available.  There will be a large fund raiser on July 7th with activities for all ages.  Please mark the date on your calendar and come out and have some fun.


            Main Street is looking so well.  The planters have been filled and a big “thank you” needs to be given to the Cuba City Chamber of Commerce and the Cuba City Greenhouse, along with the businesses that have added flowers.  It is so nice to see so many people on our Main Street sitting on the benches and entering the doors to many businesses.


Have a fun & safe summer@






































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