Mayor’s Message

October 2019                                    Mayor’s Message


            As we enter fall, we have experienced quite a bit of rain that has set crops back and kept the farmers from harvesting the crops.  Over 15 inches of rain is unheard of for this area.  Let’s hope we can get dry weather the rest of the fall. 


             September 18th was the final community market and what a great success it was this year.  Moving the market increased vendors as well as shoppers.  All vendors thought the move to the Caboose Area was a great decision.  Thanks to everyone for making market a great success.


            Cuba City is looking to the future and what we would like to see the city look like in the next 10, 20, or 30 years from now.  The new Comprehensive Plan, now known as “Cuba City, Today & Tomorrow” will be very exciting for the city and all who live here.  You will be given the opportunity to say what you would like to see Cuba City look like in the years to come.  The City Council has retained the services of Redevelopment Resources from Madison, Wisconsin to lead us in the development of the new plan.  It is very important that everyone become involved so your children and grandchildren will be able to come back to Cuba City and be proud of what the community looks like and the opportunities available to them.  There will be several opportunities for you to take part in the creation of the new plan.  There will be public meetings, surveys, focus groups, and one on one interviews.  For this to be successful, we will need everyone’s input from Cuba City and the surrounding agriculture area.  Please take part in the development in whatever capacity you can do.  We Need You!


            We have two new city employees I would like to welcome to the city employee family.  Chad Bennett is the new laborer/waste water plant trainee.  Chad will be a welcome addition to our current staff of public works employees.  Our second employee is Jacob Salzman.  Jacob is our new electric lineman.  Jacob comes to Cuba City with many years of experience and will be a great addition to the electric department. 


            It is that time of year again where the Finance Committee is working on the budget for 2020.  Many hours will be spent trying to come up with a balanced budget.  With the cost of everything rising each year, the budget becomes more complex.  The city is using your tax payer money and they do their best to diligently spend it wisely.


            I want to thank two young ladies for their willingness to become a part of the Downtown Task Force.  Teagan Graber & Jenna Droessler have done a fantastic job in bringing the views of the younger age group to the Task Force.  They have been very willing to express their thoughts and ideas on Cuba City.  We truly value their input and hope we can get more younger people involved.


            In closing, I hope everyone has a safe month of October.  If the rains finally stop, hopefully we will some beautiful fall colors.  Agriculture in our area is so very important and I wish the farmers a safe and prosperous harvest season!
























































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