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Mayor’s Message                                                                     October 2016

          October is Here!  The fall season is here and a time to enjoy cooler weather and the beautiful colors.  I think fall is the best season of the year.  The only thing bad about fall is that winter comes after it.

          Everything in the city is progressing and moving very smoothly in all departments.  We are so lucky to have great city employees who know their jobs and do them with diligence and commitment.

Economic Development:  There are a lot of great things happening that will have a huge impact on Cuba City.  The industrial park is now being marketed with a commercial realtor and there are some things in the works already.  EDD Bob Jones is busy laying the groundwork for the future of Cuba City.  He is working on a number projects and will be able to give more information as things happen.  A big endeavor now forming is a “Presidential Museum” Committee.  Where else should there be a “Presidential Museum” than in the “City of Presidents?”  The first few meetings have been well attended with lots of ideas exchanged.  We need your help!  Please contact Bob or myself if you have interest.  The two parties interested in the “Pit” are no longer interested.  With their decision, the Common Council has decided to market the property through a realtor in hopes of someone purchasing it.  If there is no interest in the property, the “Pit” and city garage will be razed and the lot will be offered for sale.  The façade improvement grants are still available, but the money is running low.  Please take a look at these grants before it is too late.  The no interest loan program is available also.

Police Department:  The CCPD is by far one of the best.  In this time of unrest across the country towards law enforcement, we stand tall with our officers.  Each day they put their life on the line to defend and protect us.  More serious crime is now filtering to small communities and our police force has to be ready.  I have total confidence in Terry, Rick, Kendra, Calvin and our part times officers that they have trained well to handle a situation should it ever arise.  We received good news that Calvin has agreed to put off retirement for another year.  His friendly smile will greet you when you stop at the office.  Stop in and “thank” Calvin for the great job he does.

City Hall:  Things are moving smoothly in the office.  Jill and Becky are doing a great job and need to be recognized.  There is always something new each day that needs to be addressed.  It is budget time and Jill is very busy working on getting the information together.  The finance committee works very hard to balance the budget.  It is not easy when the state tells you how much taxes can be increased and how much you can spend.  City government knows how to run their community much better than the state.  The increase each year in the cost of operating Cuba City makes balancing the budget harder each year.

Public Works:  It has been a very busy summer in the public works.  The street projects are completed (except for some patching) and they look great.  We were able to do many more streets this summer thanks to the ultra-thin blacktop.  There were 30 blocks of street that were either a total reconstruction or covered with the new blacktop.  DPW George and his crew of Tom, Tim, Roger, Al and Spike do a great job keeping things looking great.  We are getting closer to winter and if we get as much snow as we gotten rain, the crew will be putting in long days.

Library:  The Cuba City library is by far the best in the area.  Amber has started many new programs which have substantially increased use of the library.  The summer programs were a huge success.  The adult book club meets monthly on the third Monday at 5:30 PM.  The fall “Toddler Tales” program will be held every Wednesday at 9:30 AM.  Please check out our wonderful library with public access computers and wireless connections.  Amber & Cheryl will be glad to assist you.

          In closing, Cuba City is truly a city we can be proud of.  The façade grants and loans have all our business buildings looking great.  The planters have been redone with the fall theme and look fantastic.  Have a great October and be nice to one another.   



Mayor’s Message                                                                 May 2016

            May flowers will soon be a part of our downtown landscape.  The Cuba City Chamber of Commerce has agreed to purchase 6 cement flower pots that look similar to the garbage containers on Main Street.  The following businesses have each purchased one to place in front of their business:  Thompson’s IGA, Munyon’s Service, J Gile Dairy, American Bank, Gile Real Estate & Insurance, Gile Cheese, Mound City Bank, and the Cuba City Greenhouse.  The City of Presidents has donated one along with a Cuba City resident that wished to stay anonymous.  The show of support for this project is a testament to the pride in Cuba City that everyone has and that makes our city and Main Street beautiful.  The flowers will be watered and maintained by a group of individuals that are now forming to work out the times.  The flowers pots will measure 36 inches high by 31 inches in diameter.  With the added height, we hope the flowers are visible even when cars are parked on the street.  Thank you Cuba City Chamber and everyone listed above for your great gift to the city.

            The balance of the new LED street lights are now being installed on the north and south ends of Main Street.  When completed, our entire Main Street will be LED bright as well as LED efficient.  As you travel Main Street, the lights now all look the same.  What a great improvement to our city.  The street project bids have all come in and the Council will award the bids at the May 4th Council meeting.  We are trying very hard to get all street projects completed before school begins in the fall.  As always, Mother Nature plays a big part in even the best plans.  The Splinter Park is looking great and now in full use.

            The sports complex courts will hold a dedication ceremony on Sunday, May 29th at 12:30 PM.  The courts have given Splinter Park another great avenue of recreation for both young and old.  This was definitely a community project that dates back over 60 years.  Please plan on attending the dedication.  It will be a fun time and you can connect with previous community members on how the money was raised.

            The Cuba City State Bank clock is now back on Main Street.  A big thank you goes to Matt Schweigert and Schweigert Farms for the large donation to complete the project.  The clock was installed on April 4th and after a couple of days of getting it wired up, it is working great.  A lot of individuals worked together to make this possible.  A huge “thank you” also goes to Jerry Holt for installing the new components of the clock and his many hours of labor.  The dedication of the clock was held on April 29 at 10:00 AM.  There was a large number of people in attendance to take part in the ceremony.  After the dedication, a time capsule was put in the clock that will be not be opened until the class of 2016 holds its 50-year class reunion.  Many different items were put in the time capsule before it was sealed.  Thank you to the entire committee for your time and dedication to the product.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this project.  It definitely was a community project!

            May is also Graduation time.  Our high school seniors will be moving on to colleges, vocational schools, or enter the work field.  I am sure everyone has fond memories of Cuba City and their school days and I want to be the first to welcome you back to our great city when you have completed your education.  We need young members to come back and be a part of the community.  Cuba City was a great place for you to grow and we would like your family to experience our great city.  Good luck to all the graduates and have a safe life in whatever you choose.

            At a meeting last month, a council member stated, “Whatever we ask of our community, they always come through.”  How true that statement is.  The city needs the help of our residents and volunteers that are so much a part of our community.  We have a beautiful city and we thank all of the great people that make this a reality.  Cuba City is definitely headed in a positive direction.  We are not only known as the “City of the Presidents”, but a “City of Great Pride”.  This so true if you take a step back and really look at what the city looks like and all we have going for us.

            Thank you to everyone who voted for me for a second term. I have the greatest council, city employees, committees, and commissions to work with.  Each one is giving of their time and effort to make Cuba City the best ever.  There is saying that goes something like this: “what a man does for himself dies with him; what a man does for his community lives on forever”.







April 2016      

                                                            Mayor’s Message

            Spring is here, and there are many good things happening.  The old Cuba City Bank clock will be installed next week.  A lot of hard work has gone into the restoration of the clock.  From welding the pole, painting it, and installing it, a lot of people need to be thanked.  A special “thank you” to Jerry & Patty Holt for all their work installing the new equipment inside the clock as well as storing the clock through the winter.  Jerry has spent countless hours through the fall and winter of restoring the clock.  I also want to thank the committee for all the work they have in making the clock a reality for Main Street.  I will try and list everyone in hopes everyone will thank them for all they have done.  Thank you Joanie Von Glahn, Donna Rogers, Pat Rogers, Arnie Alt, Stan Ellis, Taylor Groneau, Bob Schink (in Memory) and Gary Droessler.  I also would like to thank all of the generous donors, especially the Schweigert family, as this project could not have been successful without your help. Thank you to city employees Bob Jones, George Morrissey, and Tim Pickel for their help.  I appreciate everyone’s time and effort.

            Main Street is getting a new face lift as Antiques Unlimited is taking advantage of the façade grants that are available to businesses that want to give their building a new look.  When completed, Antiques Unlimited will look great.  As a reminder, there is still money available for façade grants and loans.  Please take advantage of these programs before they are gone.  The buildings that have taken advantage of the program look fantastic.

            With the spring elections next week, the Council will be saying good bye to Gail McWilliams.  Gail decided to not run for another term.  We thank Gail so much for serving on the Council and being a part of a lot of different committees and commissions.  With no one taking papers out to run in Ward 1, the next alder person will be selected by a write-in on the ballot.  We all understand it takes a lot of time to be on the Council, but in turn, it is very rewarding.  Cuba City is moving forward and it is great to be a part of it.

            In the Public Works Department, we will be advertising for bids on our street projects for the coming year.  The Public Works Committee has spent hours prioritizing the streets that need to be repaired.  Through George and the Public Works Committee, we have made great progress in our effort to fix the city streets. There will only be two blocks of total street reconstruction, but we will be applying an ultra-thin blacktop on a lot of streets.  DPW Director George Morrissey has checked with other cities in the area that have been doing this a long time and everyone said it is a great product.  I think you will be very pleased with the streets. 

            Our Economic Development Director Bob has many projects going that will make Cuba City more than dot on the map.  Through his leadership we hope to soon be seeing a lot of positives in the city.  Gary Droessler has informed me that he is resigning from his role as President of the Community Development Corporation and his position on the Planning Commission.  We thank Gary for his time and commitment in helping make Cuba City a city we can all be proud of.

            If you have not driven by Splinter Park recently, please do and the see the new bleachers and scoreboard that was donated by Tim & Teresa Wiederholt and family. With these new additions, and the sports complex that was installed last year, Splinter Park is looking great.  The sports complex court will be holding a dedication ceremony on Memorial Day weekend.  Please mark your calendars.

            With the election coming up next week, please remember to vote.  A single vote does matter in the overall scheme of things, which we call politics.   In November, we will elect a new President for a four-year term.  Your vote next week will matter in who we have to choose between.

            Have a great month of April and thank you to the people of Cuba City and all the volunteers that keep our city going forward.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Mayor’s Message                                                                                              March 1, 2016

            I hope that everyone enjoyed our spring-like weather in February.  It made us think spring, but we have the month of March ahead of us.  Some of our largest snow falls have been in March. 

            With spring just around the corner, the city is gearing up for the projects that will soon be started for 2016.  The advertising for bids on the street projects will soon be released and the low bids will be selected.  The community market and community garden are gearing up for this year.  There are still spots available in the community garden and the market. If anyone is interested, please call City Hall.  The market will be held at Veteran’s Park on the third Wednesday, May-September from 3:30 until 6:30 with new activities in the works for 2016.

            We have seen a lot of construction of new property in 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  We have had 4 new homes, 3 duplexes, and a car wash built in that time span.  I want to thank the following people for their investment in Cuba City:  Rod & Allison Mau, Phil & Julie Casper, Josh & Ashley Steffes, Mike & Jennifer Holmes, Dwayne & Joan Belken, Greg & Jane Droessler; Ryan Kern, and Dale, Peggy, & Chad Timmerman.  We hope to have much more new construction in 2016.  Investing in the city not only helps the city, but the schools and businesses that call Cuba City home. 

            Bob Jones, our Economic Development Director sees a new vision for Cuba City and is working hard on laying the groundwork.  Making relationships with our neighbors has been very positive.  The city is in need of more homes to satisfy the demand.  Working with possible businesses and investors, they keep saying there is nowhere to live in Cuba City.  We need new construction for families to move to here.  We have seen a lot young people return to Cuba City to purchase a home or start a new business.  We want to continue this trend by giving people a place to live.  Bob has setup many different groups to study housing, the industrial park, and future expansion of Cuba City.  We have a great city and a lot of positive things are happening.  Thank you everyone for your part in making Cuba City what it is!

The Community Development Corporation met at the Elmo Club on February 18th to discuss the items that have been working on and our vision for the future.  Bob Jones, ED Director gave a great presentation on what he is trying to accomplish for future growth for the city.  The Presidential Library is something we would really like to get started on soon.  We hope to have something by Presidents Day 2017.  Bob is in need of a few great people that will help on the project.  There was much conversation and many questions asked and answered.  During the meeting, Superintendent Roger Kordus gave us information on things happening in the school and their long range plans for the future.  The school is very important to the city and the city is very important to the school.  Mr. Kordus has done a great job of keeping the city informed by sharing information.  I thank him for narrowing the information gap between the school and the city.  When we work together, more things can be accomplished.

Rick Lawrence has started as a full time Sergeant/Investigator for the police department.  Rick is a great asset to the police department, as well as the city.  We welcome you and are so glad to have you a part of city.  Jill Hill is doing a great job learning the city/clerk treasure position.  There are a lot of things to learn with her job.  George Morrissey continues to amaze me with his knowledge of Cuba City after being here less than two years.  He always has his homework done and will answer any questions you might have.  We are so blessed to have great people in every department.  We need to work hard to  keep the people we have.  There are none better.  More on this in future articles.

At the end of this month I will have two years as your Mayor.  I have enjoyed every minute working with the Council, the city staff, all the volunteers we have in the fire department, rescue squad, and those serving on the different committees and commissions.  When you see what it takes daily to keep the city going, it would totally shock you.  I have so much respect and admiration to all the city employees and want thank them for doing such a great job.  If it be your choice in April, I look forward to two more years of working together with these people to do many more things that will make Cuba City an even better place.  I appreciate the trust you have placed in me.


Mayor’s Message                                                                      February 1, 2016           

            Things have been moving along nicely as we transition to our new City Clerk/Treasure Jill Hill.  With the help of Amy and Kathy guiding Jill through the learning process of the position, things are going very smoothly.  We thank Amy and Kathy for offering to help with this transition. Jill is doing a great job.  If you have not met Jill, please stop at City Hall and meet her. I would like to welcome Jill to the city staff.  I am sure she will do a great job!

            The Cuba City Police Department has filled the vacant positions in the department.  Kendra Robbins has been promoted from a part time officer to a full time officer.  Welcome to Cuba City Kendra and we are glad you are here.  The vacancy within the department due to the passing of Eric Lyons has also been filled.  Rick Lawrence from Benton was offered the position and has accepted.  His first day will be next week.  The Police Commission had a very tough job as all applicants were very well qualified.  It was very gratifying to hear the final four applicants giving their reasons for wanting the position.  Cuba City Police Department is very respected in the area and each applicant stressed how much they wanted to work with Chief Terpstra.

            The Public Works department has chosen the streets for this year’s projects.  There will only be two streets that will have a total reconstruct and many more will be covered with new blacktop.  The Public Works department got their new plow truck which was ordered almost a year ago.  The truck has an aluminum box and blade and should last a long time.  The truck had been budgeted through the last few years in an equipment outlay account, which covered the cost of the unit.

            Economic Development Director Bob Jones has been busy with many projects.  He is doing a great job in laying the groundwork for a bright future for Cuba City.  What would you think about a presidential library or a small White House in Cuba City?  These are a couple of examples Bob is working on to make Cuba City become a place tourists and others passing through want to see.  We sit in a very unique location being close to Galena and Dubuque. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time in different groups Bob has set up.  To give of your time and talents for making Cuba City a better place to live and raise a family speaks volumes.  I am sure Bob would welcome anyone who might like to join one of the different committee’s that have been set up.  Just give Bob a call at City Hall.

            The bank clock project is coming along nicely.  Jerry Holt and others are installing a completely new mechanism that will bring the clock up to date but it will still look like the old clock.  Thank you to Matt Schweigert and his family for his generous donation and to everyone who has given or worked on the project.  It will look nice when it is put up in early April.

            If you have not had a chance, please drive by Splinter Park and see the beautiful new scoreboard donated by Tim & Theresa Wiederholt and Wiederholt Enterprises.  We thank them for this huge donation to Splinter Park.  In addition to the new scoreboard, there will be two new sets of aluminum bleachers that will be replacing the wood bleachers currently on the upper field.

            As we go through the year 2016, if you have questions or concerns about what you may have heard, please contact myself or your alderman for an explanation.  We are here to serve and represent you.  Getting the truth is always better than hearsay.  I enjoy being your Mayor and I thank you for the trust you have placed in me and the Council members.


November 2015                        Mayor’s Message


          November is always a busy time for everyone.  The City is finishing up all the street projects and getting ready for winter.  We are working on the budget for 2016 and planning the projects that we can do next year.  The city has a great finance committee with a lot of experience. 

          Thanksgiving is a special holiday and I would like to thank some great people.  The City Council made up of Dennis Risher, Betty Loeffelholz, John Beinborn, Craig Hendrickson, Gail McWilliams, Greg Bockhop, Connie Gronemus, and John Van De Wiel put a lot of time and work into representing the different wards.  Their dedication of time and long hours for Cuba City speaks volumes.  I thank them for all they do.

          City Hall has seen a lot of changes this past year and I want thank and commend Amy Murphy and Becky Wallenhorst for their patience and hard work handling the day to day operations.  We welcome Bob Jones as our new Economic Development Director.  He is busy learning everything there is to know about our great city.  We appreciate having him on board.  Our Police Department has also under gone many changes in 2015.  Police Chief Terry Terpstra has done an excellent job since taking the position.  Eric Lyons, Kim Reddy, and Calvin Hughes have done a great job for the department as well as the part time officers.  With Terry, Eric, Kim, and Calvin, we have an experienced and dedicated officers protecting our city.  Thank You!

          The Public Works department, under the direction DPW George Morrissey, is one of the best.  Tom Longhenry, Tim Pickel, Cory Oyen, Roger Helbing, Al Loeffelholz, and our newest employee Spike Hammill do a great job of keeping everything looking great.  They work hard and deserve a big “thank you”.  Remember them this winter in the middle of the night when they are out plowing snow.  Our library is by far the best in the area!  Amber Majerus & Cheryl Denman along with the part time help’s hard work and dedication have made the library something we can all be proud of.  Seeing the increased use of the library is so good to see.  Thank You!

          Our fire department and rescue squad volunteers mean so much to Cuba City.  We have experienced members that are always ready when they are called upon.  They spend a lot of time in training and practice and give a lot their time for the safety and wellbeing of the City.  Thank you Chief Steve Tranel, President Rita Luna, and every single member of each department for your dedication and the time you give to Cuba City. 

          There so many great people on the boards, committees, and commissions who never get a lot of recognition, but are so vital to Cuba City.  Thank you to everyone for your dedication!

          The biggest “thank you” goes to the citizens of Cuba City.   I truly believe we have the greatest little town in Wisconsin.  You have always given your support, through our accomplishments as well as the things that did not turn the way we wished.  It is an honor for me to serve as Mayor of Cuba City.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Mayor’s Message                          October 12, 2015

          Things have been very busy in Cuba City over the last month.  I would like to welcome Bob Jones to Cuba City as our new Economic Development Director.  He has been busy settling in and learning all about Cuba City and what makes us such a special city.  When you see Bob on the street or at City Hall, please welcome him to Cuba City.  I want to welcome back Calvin Hughes back to the Police Department.  You look great and we are so happy to have your smiling face back.  You are such an asset to our city.

          The 2015 street projects are getting close to be completed.  We thank everyone for your patience and understanding as we strive to get our streets updated.  We hope to have the black toppers in next week to finish things up.  I would also like to welcome Robert “Spike” Hammill as the new custodian/laborer, replacing Duane Ernst who retired.  I am sure Spike will do a great job.

          Splinter Park was given a new look this summer with the new multi-use court that was installed.  As I drive by, it is definitely a welcome addition to see so many young people using the facility.  There are other improvements planned for next year as we try to keep the equipment updated and all of our parks looking great!

          Fall is a beautiful time of year and for me the best season.  Farmers are busy harvesting their crops and we all wish them a safe harvest.    We thank all farmers for their hard work and dedication to the area and for their support of local businesses.  Agriculture is so important to our community and we are fortunate to have some of the best land and farmers there is.

          The new Cuba City Car Wash is now open for business and I want to thank Dale, Peggy, and Chad Timmerman for investing in Cuba City.  Your facility is beautiful and we wish you the very best for many years to come.  It is so good to see new construction happening in Cuba City.

It is getting closer to Christmas and our new decorations going up.  We are in need of contributions to reach our goal.  If you haven’t made a donation, please consider making one.  We need approximately $5000 more to complete the project.  There are so many things that make Cuba City the best small town in America.  Thank you to everyone for your part in making this all happen.  Have a Great Month of October!


Mayor's Message


Things at City Hall have been very active over the last few weeks.  All of our street projects are a go and work should be starting in early June.  The Common Council has selected Terry Terpstra as our new Police Chief.  The Council had a very tough decision to make as the applicants were all well qualified for the position.  Eric Lyons and Kim Ready need to be commended for the police work they do for Cuba City as well as their willingness to help Terry learn the ins and outs of the department.  Thank you so much Eric and Kim!  Eric also did a great job in filling the time since Troy Loffelholz left the position. Terry brings a lot of experience to Cuba City.  He has been a Police Sargent with the Platteville Police Department for the last 14 years.  Terry, his wife Stacy and their four children are residents of Cuba City.  Terry began his Police Chief position on May 12th.

A new business will soon be coming to Cuba City.  Timmerman Washes, LLC will be constructing a new car wash on Cody Street in the Industrial Park.  Dale and Chad Timmerman currently own a car wash in Dickeyville.  We welcome them to Cuba City and wish them many years of success. 

With the Police Chief position filled the Common Council has been working on filling the position of City Clerk.  As I am sure you are all aware, Kathy Schultz will be retiring after 38 years with the city.  She has been the pillar of Cuba City for a long time.  Her experience and wealth of knowledge of Cuba City will be sadly missed.  The Council held a special meeting to interview applicants for the position on Wednesday, May 13th.  After several hours of deliberation, the Common Council offered the position to Amy Murphy, our present deputy clerk.  Amy has accepted the position and will begin her new role on August 1st.  As with the Police Chief applicants, the Council had to make a tough decision.  We welcome Amy to her new role as City Clerk.  The Council will now be called upon to fill the position of Deputy Clerk.

On Monday of this week, I received the resignation of our Economic Development Director, Taylor Gronau.  Taylor has accepted the city administrator position in Lake Crystal, MN.  Taylor has accomplished so much over the last 2 years in attracting new businesses and starting several new projects for our city.  His last day in Cuba City will be June 17th.  I will have more regarding Taylor later.

As the school year comes to an end with graduations, I want to say “thank you” to all teachers.  We appreciate the job you do in shaping our kids’ minds for the future.  To the great people of Cuba City, I want to thank you for helping make Cuba City a great place to live and raise a family.  Be safe and have a great summer.  Last but not least, I want to thank the Common Council for the time you are dedicating to make Cuba City a better place.  We have had a lot of meetings in the month of May and I appreciate very much your time and effort.

Mayor's Message

Tom Gile, Mayor



We can all breathe easier now that we are past April 15th. The days are getting longer as we think more about spring and summer. There a lot of exciting things that will be happening this year. The bids for all the street projects have been approved. We will be replacing streets on Randolph, Benton, and Kelly. Please bear with the crews as they begin work. It always seems to be challenge for the people living where the streets are being done, but think about what it will look like when completed.

We will soon have 3-4 new street lights on Main Street to the south. Some of the smaller lights will be replaced with large ones like we presently have. These will be LED lights the same as what was replaced last fall. All of plots for the Community Garden have been filled and we hope for a good growing season for everyone. The farmers are beginning their planting season and we hope each one has a safe and accident free spring. Agriculture is so important to our economy.

The new Christmas decorations have been chosen and ordered. The new ones will be like the candy cane that was in front of Subway. Along with candy canes, there will be bells and Christmas ornament. All decorations will have LED lights. The will be four other decorations called “Old Man Winter” that will be on ends of town and in the middle of the main street. We hope everyone will like and enjoy them for years to come. As stated previously, this project will be paid entirely with donations. We are a third of the way to our goal, but we need your help. If you would like to sponsor one decoration in memory of someone, we will be putting a plaque in city with the name of the person giving the memorial and the name of the person(s) being honored. Please think about giving to this project that will not only be for everyone in Cuba City but for many cars and trucks that travel our Main Street. Donations can be dropped or mailed to city hall with Christmas lights in the memo part of your check.

We hope to soon name a new Chief of Police for the city. We have great candidates and I am sure your Common Council will choose the best person. We said “good bye” to Jim Bousley for his many years of service. We welcome Terry Terpstra as the alderman in ward one. We wish Jim and his family the best and thank him so much for all he has done in helping Cuba City be a better place to live and raise a family.

We are so lucky to live in Cuba City. For a small town, we have a restaurant, 4 antique stores, a grocery store, three gas stations, a locker plant, a cheese store, four taverns, great school system, a private school, a sub place, a pizza place, three hair salons, two banks, a craft store, two law offices, three insurance agencies, two real estate firms, two auto body repair shops, two day care facilities, two medical offices, a chiropractic office, a greenhouse, a laundromat, three great churches, a nursing home facility, a dentist office, two pharmacies, a convenience store, a farm implement store and service shop, a seed company, apartment buildings, a great industrial park, a car wash, two storage complexes, two funeral homes, two plumbing and heating businesses, four contractors, an excavating business, and several small in home businesses. If I have missed any business, please forgive me. A lot of small towns would love to have what Cuba City has to offer. Thank you everyone for your support of Cuba City. We have a great little city that has a lot to offer.

Tom Gile

Your Hometown


We welcome spring as a time of new life.  We see many changes this time of year with grass growing, trees budding, and flowers everywhere.  After winter, it is a welcome sight for everyone.   Like spring, Cuba City will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next few months.  Unlike springtime, our changes will be saying good bye to some very deserving people.  As everyone is aware, our police chief Troy Loffelholz has left the police department to open a new chapter in his life.  We wish him well!  The Common Council will be meeting in the first week of April to interview and hire a new police chief.  We have some very good applicants and the Council will pick the best candidate to lead our police department in to the future.

After 18 years, Alderman Jim Bousley has decided to not run in Ward 1.  Jim has given countless hours to the city over that period.  He is now serving as the Common Council President, chairman of the Finance Committee, and chairman of the Light Water Committee.  Jim gave up time with his family to make Cuba City a better place to live and do business.  Jim has helped me so much over my first year as Mayor.  We hate to see him leave, but we totally understand him wanting to spend more time with his family.  Thank you Jim for everything you have done for Cuba City.

At the last Common Council meeting in March, our city clerk Kathy Schultz informed the council of her plans to retire in August.  Kathy has served the city for over 37 years.  She has done so much during that time it will be almost impossible to list everything that has happened over that time.    She has efficiently taken care of all the duties of managing the day to day operations of Cuba City.  I would hate to even guess how many nightly meetings she has attended through the years.  All of these meetings have taken Kathy away from her family and we can’t thank her enough.  I will have more on Kathy’s retirement as it gets closer to August.

Change is very tough thing, but something we all go through in our lives.  Cuba City is now seeing changes and as we fill the above positions, I am very confident we will find great people like Troy, Jim, and Kathy to fill the positions.

The city has received the bids for the street work projects for 2015 and will selecting the bids at our next Common Council meeting on April 1st.  The new Christmas decorating light project is well on its way.  The Cuba City Chamber of Commerce gave the project a huge jump by donating $5,000 to kick off the project.  We intend to do this project through donations only, so please consider what you, your organization, or your business can do to help us out.  Donations can be made to the City of Cuba City-Christmas project.  Please watch for the sample decorations that will be on the poles in front of City Hall.

I wish everyone a healthy and safe spring.  Thank you Cuba City residents for being a big part of making our city a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great place to do business.








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What do you think of our new website? I hope everyone has had a chance to check it out. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have to make the website even better.

I am sure everyone has heard that our police chief Troy Loeffelholz has submitted his resignation to the city. His final day will be March 5th. We will be losing not only a great police chief, but a great person. His dedication to Cuba City over the last 25 years will be hard to surpass. There have been many challenges during his time and he has handled each situation in a professional way. We wish Troy nothing but the best as he takes on another chapter in his life with the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department. The Common Council has some big shoes to fill, but I am confident we will find a new chief to lead our police department in to the future. Good Luck Troy!

Our street projects are all set for 2015. We are looking forward to receiving the bids for the different aspects of the new street construction. Our façade improvement grants and loan are moving forward. Nick’s Restaurant has completed their project and it looks great. Main Street Pub & Winery will be completing their project as soon as weather permits. In the spring, The Junque Stops Here will begin the façade improvements on their two buildings. Please take advantage of these grants and loans to give your building a great new look.

We would like to welcome Lori Droessler Real Estate to Cuba City. Lori has opened up a new office at 321 South Main Street across from Thompson’s IGA. Thank you Lori for locating your business in Cuba City. We are so glad you have joined our business sector.

We have begun a new project to replace our Christmas decorations with new LED ones. Our current decorations are twenty years old. We are in the process of looking at different decorations and awaiting an estimated cost. We would like to do this project through donations only. Ordering early can save us 33%. If interested in donating to the project, please contact myself or city hall.

I will soon have my first year in as your mayor. I have learned so much. We are very lucky in Cuba City to have great department heads, a great Common Council, and excellent volunteers. I have had so many people ask me about being mayor and I tell them all, “I love it”. Thank you Cuba City residents for giving me this opportunity!








Tom Gile








Welcome to our New Website!



We are excited to release our new website to everyone. A big thank you to the website committee comprised of Dennis Risher, Gary Droessler, Taylor Gronau, and Randy Brookens. It has taken longer than expected but we did not want to release it until we felt we had covered everything. We welcome comments or problems you may encounter while visiting our website. The committee spent countless hours on the project and we hope everyone likes it.

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. May 2015 bring each of you a year of good health and prosperity. The winter so far has been much better than last year. George and his crew have done a great job keeping our streets plowed and safe for everyone. We are so lucky to have a dedicated staff in the public works employees.

Just a quick look back at 2014 at everything that was accomplished. We need to thank everyone for a successful: Community Garden, Farmer’s Market, construction of new homes and businesses, façade improvement grants and loans, new LED streetlights, new presidential shields, Small Business Saturday, and ending the year with a great Christmas celebration. I am sure I may have forgotten some things and if I did, please accept my apology. We have more exciting things to accomplish in 2015.

Going forward in the New Year we need to build on what was accomplished in 2014. We cannot be just happy with what was done last year. We need to continue pushing forward with new challenges and improvements. Our street projects are set. Our industrial park is continuing to grow and we have a new sign listing all the businesses at the entrance to the Park. We are hoping that more businesses will take part in the façade improvement grants and loan to make our Main Street even more appealing to shoppers. Extensive improvements to Splinter Park are being studied and hopefully will be approved. More on this later.

There is one last thing I would like to say before I close. Thank you citizens of Cuba City for your participation in all of the things that have happened over the past year. With you, we are able to make things happen. I truly believe Cuba City is the best small town in America to live and raise a family. We will continue to go forward in the New Year to make Cuba City even better. 








Tom Gile








Happy New Year to Everyone!


January 5, 2015

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish each of you a happy and healthy 2015! We have gotten through the first two months of winter very well, but it sounds like our luck will be changing. Please slow down when the roads are slick to keep everyone safe.

We could have not asked for a better ending to 2014. Our Shop Local Saturday was a huge success and the 1st Annual Cuba City Christmas Glow Celebration exceeded all expectations the committee had hoped for. There have been so many positive comments about the parade and Santa Claus coming to the Christmas Glow headquarters in the fire truck. We will look forward to next year and hope to make it an even better event.

The new street lights have really improved our downtown. The NMC addition is now complete and we wish them the very best with everything.

As we look ahead to the year 2015, there will be a lot of positive things happening. We have all made New Year’s resolutions that we want to be able to work on and keep through the year. We should all say a prayer for the many men & women that are helping us keep our freedom. Our troops, our fire departments, our police departments, and all our rescue people who are there to help when called upon. We have a lot to be thankful for in Cuba City.

Heading in to 2015, we hope to accomplish more things that will make Cuba City the best small town in America. There will be more façade improvements getting done as we continue our grant and loan programs to downtown businesses. Thanks to the money that has been in the swimming fund for over 50 years, we hope to make a lot of updates to Splinter Park. Our street projects are beginning to take shape and it should be an exciting year ahead.

There is one last thing I would like to say before I close. Thank you citizens of Cuba City for your participation in all the great things that have happened over the last year. Thank you for shopping in Cuba City and helping the city to move things forward. Thank you for helping us change to more positive things and making Cuba City a community that is growing. We need your help and support.

Tom Gile








"The City of Presidents"

GileCuba City has been known as “The City of Presidents” since 1976. Looking to do something to celebrate our country’s bicentennial, a group of citizens got together and came up with the Presidential Shield idea and the rest is history. To ensure that this continues, new shields have been completed and we should start seeing them go up within the next few days. Thank you to the City of Presidents Committee for this great gift to the city.

We have had a lot of interest in the facade grants and loan programs approved by the city. The revitalization of Main Street is very important and we hope every business takes advantage of the grants and loans available to them. Working together, we can make things happen. The new LED street lights for Main Street have been ordered and we should have them up sometime in late October. You will be impressed with their brightness. Our new Presidential shields will show up nicely at night with the new lights.

We want to welcome Becky Day and Dave Thommen to Cuba City! They have purchased the hardware store buildings and have opened up a very impressive antique mall. The new business is called the “Junque Stops Here” and opened on August 15th. We are very lucky to have a new business on Main Street and we would like to give a heartfelt “welcome” to Dave & Becky and wish them many years of success. If you haven’t had a chance to stop in, please do so.

Congratulations to Randy Brookens and the NMC Corporation on breaking ground on your new building addition in the Kaster Mc-Clain Industrial Park. Your commitment to Cuba City is so important to us. The addition of new jobs will definitely have a positive effect on our city. Thank you!
We are in the process of street evaluation and the board of public works will be meeting soon to discuss options. We would like to be able to do more streets in 2015. The hard winter last year really took its toll on some of our streets. I will have more on this at a later date.

It is great to live in Cuba City! We have so many positive things happening from a new business locating here, the expansion of a business in our Industrial Park, our Main Street revitalization, to our new Main Street lights. As the fall season is upon us, we have exciting things being planned for Halloween to our “Christmas in Cuba City” celebration. Thank you to everyone in Cuba City for giving of your time and talents to the many different projects that will be happening. Together we can make things happen!








Tom Gile

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