Other Leaders

Bonita Allendorf         Lynda Ambs               Rich Ambs

Cindy Anderson         John Anderson            Clete Bainbridge

Ozzie Barth                 Austin Baxter              Melvin Brown

George Brownell         James Bussan Jr          Donald Booth

Marion Bowers           Art Busch                    Arnold Busch

Celine Byrne               Harold Canaan            Kevin Casey

Rebecca Clayton         Delbert Dall                Terry Desjarlais

Bernard Downs           Cecil Eastlick              Rodney Eastlick

Paul Eggers                 Stu Fraundorf             Leroy Genthe

Tim Genthe                 Phil Grimm                  Delbert Guler

Laverne Guler             Donald Hamaker         Robert Hammill

Justin Hanger              Kevin Hanger              Sue Hanger

Cyd Haudenshield      Jane Hazen                  Fred Heim

Anthony Heller           Omar Hendricks          Norman Hollander

Eric Husemann            G Martin Johll             Gregory Johll

Matthew Johll             Dr. M. L. Kaster         Paul Kaster

Deb Kieler                   Frank Kieler                Josh Kieler

Paul Kieler                  Sue Kieler                   William Kieler

Bernard Kinsock         Cliff Kirk                    Lance Kirk

Leonard Kirk              James Kramer              Daniel Leahy

Rose Leahy                 Donald Liebold           Guerdon Loring

Guy Mathias               Donald McCabe          Linda McCabe

Mike McCabe             James Meneguin          Doug Miller

Gerald Munyon           John Murphy Sr          Luke Murphy

Patrick Murray            Lloyd Noggle              Ed O’Neill

Tim Ollendick             Mike Parks                  Leonard Porter

Dan Pulsfus                 Verlyn Rebelein          Laura Richard

Pat Roper                    Stan Runde                 Bob Schink

Ed  Schroeder             Bob Schroeder          Karla Schroeder

Jan Schultz                  Jon Schultz                  Ron Schultz

Tom Shaffer                James Siegert              Douglas Simons

Rich Stephens             Robert Walsh              John Ware

Bryne Wilberding       Carl Wilberding          Robert Wright

Note:   The above are the Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Troop Committe members that the current committee members could come up with. If anyone knows of other community members that were leaders or were on the troop committee, please contact any of the present officers.

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