Kaster-McClain Business Park

IParkOn the south side of Cuba City is the shovel ready, well-groomed Kaster-McClain Business Park. The Business Park has frontage road access to Highway 80 and is less than 15 minutes to U.S. Highways 20 & 151 with great access to Platteville, Dubuque and Galena. ALTA surveys and wetland delineations are all up to date and readily accessible. For further information please contact City Hall at 608-744-2152.

The Park's neighbor to the west is Cuba City's Fire and Rescue building with new City shed to the  immediate east of the property

The convenient location and readiness of the Kaster-McClain Business Park affords a great opportunity for any new or existing business to grow and expand.

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Kaster-McClain Business Park Map

To view a map of Kaster-McClain Industrial Park, click here.

Kaster-McClain Business Park Occupants:

  1. EMS-USA/ Food Safety Group
  2. Dale Dreessen's Construction
  3. Russ Stratton Buses, Inc.
  4. Schweigert Family Farms
  5. Innovative Ag Services
  6. Ag Tech
  7. Blackbourn Racing Components
  8. Slatter's Auto Glass
  9. Kern Plumbing and Heating, LLC
  10. Non-Metallic Components, Inc.
  11. Gro Alliance, LLC
  12. Cuba City Car Wash